Speaker Moore and Sen. Berger Joint Statement on Consensus Revenue Forecast

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) issued the following statement about the consensus revenue forecast released today:
“Today’s forecast highlights the General Assembly’s winning formula of low taxes, reasonable regulations, and responsible spending. Our state continues to experience growth and record-breaking economic development coupled with regular revenue surpluses.
“While this is promising news, we must be cognizant of the national economy and the precarious position the Biden administration has put the American people in thanks to rising costs and runaway inflation. It is crucial that we continue on this track of responsible and disciplined spending in light of the potential for a recession as we begin the short session budget process.” 

President Biden’s North Carolina Visit: A Statement from House Speaker Tim Moore

Today, President Joe Biden is visiting Greensboro, North Carolina to address rising inflation and highlight the recent influx of businesses to our state.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Although I am glad President Biden is visiting North Carolina today, what he is here to sell North Carolinians is nothing more than snake oil. While he continues to overspend, inflation continues to skyrocket with no end in sight. Gas prices are soaring. The strain on taxpayers and businesses is greater than ever, and each of us feel the impact of bad Biden policies on our daily lives.”
He continued, “In North Carolina, we have taken a different approach, and it’s working. We cannot spend our way to prosperity. Instead of rising debt, our state has a surplus thanks to responsible spending. Because of this, and despite the hardships caused by bad Biden policies, businesses are flocking to our state, and taxpayers have more money in their pockets. Maybe the president can take a few pointers from North Carolina.”

North Carolina House Page Program Relaunches After Two-Year COVID Hiatus

On Monday, applications opened for the NCGA House Page Program for the first time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The House page program offers young men and women the opportunity to learn about, and participate in, the legislative process of our state. It is a four day long experience that allows high school students to observe firsthand how our laws are made. It provides them the unique privilege of working in the House Chamber in the midst of legislative action.
High school students interested in applying can do so online.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore, said, “The House Page Program offers high school students the unique opportunity to experience the legislative process firsthand.”
He continued, “Thanks to this program, young men and women are given the privilege of not only learning about, but actually participating in how we make laws in North Carolina.”

NCGA Files Notice of Appeal Following Three-Judge Panel Decision Granting Voting Rights to Felons

Today, attorneys for the North Carolina General Assembly filed a notice of appeal and a motion for stay with the trial court following a decision by a three-judge panel that would permanently allow any convicted felon who is not currently sitting in prison to vote in any election.
Sam Hayes, General Counsel for House Speaker Tim Moore, said, “The people of North Carolina are sick and tired of leftist judges who ignore the law to achieve their desired outcomes. The constitution could not be any clearer: convicted felons are to repay their debt to society before having their civil rights restored. Granting convicted felons, including rapists and murderers, the right to vote is an affront to every law-abiding voter in our state, and it will not stand.”
He continued, “We now seek a stay pending appeal to stop this order from going into effect, and we will continue the General Assembly’s fight to preserve the security of our elections.”

NC General Assembly Takes Redistricting Fight to U.S. Supreme Court

Today, the North Carolina General Assembly filed a petition for writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court of the United States in the ongoing redistricting cases.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The U.S. Constitution is crystal clear: state legislatures are responsible for drawing congressional maps, not state court judges, and certainly not with the aid of partisan political operatives.”
He continued, “We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will reaffirm this basic principle and will throw out the illegal map imposed on the people of North Carolina by its highest court. It is time to settle the Elections Clause question once and for all.”

Governor Cooper’s State of Emergency Turns Two Years Old

Today marks two years since Governor Cooper issued Executive Order 116, declaring a state of emergency in our state in light of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Governor’s executive order turned two years old, House members signed a “birthday card,” asking Governor Cooper to lift the state of emergency. Earlier this week, House members sent a letter to Governor Cooper asking him to lift it.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Over the duration of the Governor’s ongoing state of emergency, many in our state have felt their individual liberties deteriorate under extreme mandates and policies as a result of unilateral decisions made by our Governor in the midst of the pandemic.”

He continued, “As other states move to lift COVID restrictions in light of a decline in cases and hospitalizations, Governor Cooper should lift the state of emergency in North Carolina.”

North Carolina House Gives Unanimous Approval to Resolution Supporting Ukraine

Today the North Carolina House approved HR 981, a resolution expressing support for Ukraine as its people fight for freedom, and urging Congress to increase domestic energy production.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “We stand firmly with the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their country from Russian aggression. As millions of refugees flee and hundreds of civilians have been slaughtered, it is crucial that civilized nations of the world stand with them now.”
He continued, “Furthermore, it’s time for our leaders in Congress and in the White House to reverse course on unnecessarily limiting our production of energy. We must increase our domestic energy production to strengthen our security here at home.”

NCGA Files Application for Stay from the NC Supreme Court

Today, attorneys for the North Carolina General Assembly filed with the United States Supreme Court an Emergency Application for Stay of the rulings of the State Supreme Court and the three-judge panel.
NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The United States Constitution is clear – state legislatures, not state judges, are responsible for setting the rules governing elections. By striking the General Assembly’s congressional map and redrawing their own, with the help of Democrat partisans, the courts have, once again, violated the separation of powers. This effort to circumvent the elected representatives of the people will not stand.”
He continued, “Furthermore, this coordinated effort is funded by Eric Holder and led by disgraced Democrat operative Marc Elias, who have no business in interfering in our elections. I will pursue all legal means to ensure that North Carolina’s elections are decided by North Carolinians and that the constitution and rule of law are followed.”

NC House Will Appeal Trial Court Ruling in Redistricting Case

Today a three-judge panel ruled that while the legislature’s state house and state senate maps will be upheld by the court, the remedial congressional map drawn by the legislature must be tossed out and replaced with a congressional map drawn in an unknown, black-box manner.
The three-judge panel has changed our congressional map from one of the most competitive to one of the least competitive congressional maps in the country.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Today’s ruling is nothing short of egregious. The trial court’s decision to impose a map drawn by anyone other than the legislature is simply unconstitutional and an affront to every North Carolina voter whose representation would be determined by unelected, partisan activists.”
He continued, “Let me clear: this court has effectively taken a hammer to our state constitution and the rule of law, and I will appeal this ruling with respect to the congressional map immediately on behalf of the voters.”

North Carolina House Approves Congressional, State Senate Maps

Today the North Carolina House approved new Congressional and state Senate maps.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The Congressional and state Senate maps we have passed today fully comply with the court’s guidelines, and I am confident that these maps will ultimately be upheld.”
He continued, “I look forward to the court’s approval of our maps and ultimately resuming the good work we are focused on in the General Assembly.”