North Carolina House Overrides Governor Cooper’s Veto of SB 747, “Elections Law Changes”

Today the North Carolina House has voted to override Governor Cooper’s veto of Senate Bill 747, a bill which will make significant improvements to North Carolina’s election laws and further strengthen the integrity of our elections.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “North Carolina voters deserve to know their elections are safe and secure. Thankfully they can have that confidence now that we have overridden the Governor’s veto of this commonsense elections bill.”

Senate Bill 747:

  • Requires absentee ballots to be accepted by Election Day deadline.
  • Strengthens the rights of poll observers.
  • Prohibits election officials from accepting private money to administer elections.
  • Launches a pilot program for select counties to use signature verification software for absentee ballots.
  • Improves voter registration rolls by establishing a process for periodic removal of ineligible voters, including the deceased, convicted felons, and those who have moved.
  • Closes same-day registration loophole.