North Carolina House Leadership Files Bill to Ensure Citizens-Only Voting

Raleigh, NC – Today, North Carolina House Leadership filed House Bill 1074, to ensure citizens-only voting in North Carolina.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said,

“In North Carolina, we value the integrity of our elections and have put safeguards in place to ensure our elections are secure. Recent efforts to allow non-citizens to vote would undermine the public’s confidence in our electoral system and leave the door open for chaos and election fraud to take hold. Preventing non-citizens from voting in our elections also helps maintain national sovereignty, as it prevents foreign influence from affecting the outcomes of American elections, and this amendment to our constitution would further strengthen election integrity in North Carolina.”

North Carolina House Rules Chairman Destin Hall said,

“Tightening our elections laws so that only U.S. citizens are voting in this country ensures that those making decisions about our country’s future have a vested interest in its well-being. Voting is a fundamental right and privilege reserved for citizens of the United States, and I am proud to support this effort to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

North Carolina House Majority Leader John Bell said,

“Polling shows North Carolinians overwhelmingly support a citizens-only voting amendment to our state’s constitution. It is a commonsense measure to further safeguard and uphold the integrity of our elections. I am proud to sponsor this bill with my colleagues and confident the voters of North Carolina will join us in this effort.”

North Carolina House Majority Whip Karl Gillsespie said,

“In order to preserve the democratic principles of our nation, it is imperative that we ensure the integrity of our elections. I am proud to sponsor this bill.”

Rep. Cotham Named Chair of House Education Appropriations Committee

Rep. Tricia Cotham has been appointed chair of the House Education Appropriations Committee to oversee education appropriations, the largest area of the state budget. This esteemed leadership position is a testament to her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to enhancing education in our state.

Rep. Cotham is a former teacher and assistant principal of East Mecklenburg and Independence High Schools and Northeast Middle School. Her experience and her recognition as “CMS Teacher of the Year” demonstrate her exceptional dedication to the field of education. She was also honored Most Outstanding Alumna by the University of Chapel Hill and was named a 2023 “Champion for Charters” by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Throughout her distinguished career, Rep. Cotham has demonstrated a profound understanding of the importance of quality education and its impact on the future of our communities. Furthermore, she has championed school choice as the sponsor of House Bill 823, “Choose Your School, Choose Your Future,” which expanded the Opportunity Scholarship Program to all North Carolina students.”

Statement from NC House Speaker Tim Moore on the Passing of Thomas Farr

Raleigh, NC – Today NC House Speaker Tim Moore released the following statement on the passing of Thomas Alvin Farr:

“I was saddened to receive word of the passing of Thomas Farr. There is a profound sense of loss today among those of us who had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Tom. His influence on public policy and advocacy in North Carolina and beyond is undeniable.

“Tom’s contributions to the legal field, his tireless advocacy for justice, and his commitment to the U.S. Constitution and the founding principles of our country will continue to inspire those who knew him for many years to come.”


NC House Republicans Urge Governor Cooper to Take Significant Action to Address Border Crisis, Impact on North Carolina

Today, NC House Republicans held a press conference to address the US border crisis and its impact on North Carolina. House Republicans also shared a letter signed by all 72 NC House Republicans, urging Governor Cooper to take more significant action on behalf of our state. The letter was sent to Governor Cooper earlier today.

The North Carolina House of Representatives urge Governor Cooper take the following actions:

  • Deploy additional North Carolina National Guard troops to assist Governor Abbott, not under ineffectual federal authority, but in coordination with Texas leadership and request any needed additional resources for this deployment in your upcoming state budget submission.
  • Commit to signing legislation that mandates cooperation with ICE by local police departments to remove illegal immigrants who are committing crimes. Many illegal immigrants are unaccompanied military-aged men with military or cartel experience.
  • Halt any discretionary cooperation with the federal government to place and house illegal migrants in the State.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The Biden Administration has utterly failed to secure our border. Consequently, every state in the country is now a border state, including North Carolina. It is past time for Governor Cooper to take swift action on behalf of all North Carolinans.


Statement From Speaker Moore, Elections Chair Rep. Grey Mills Following SB 747 Injunction

A federal court has issued an injunction against a small part of SB 747, which recently became law and would further strengthen the security of elections in North Carolina.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore and House Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform Chairman Rep. Grey Mills have released the following statement:

“The vast majority of Senate Bill 747 is still in effect including increased poll observer access, bans on special interest money funding election offices, and making election day the last day to receive absentee ballots. The court order requires relatively minor changes to one small part of the bill, and we are working with our attorneys and the State Board of Elections to ensure that the entire bill is in effect before the primary and general elections this year. We will never stop fighting for election integrity on behalf of North Carolina’s voters.”


Speaker Tim Moore Statement on President Biden’s North Carolina Visit

Raleigh, NC – Today, President Joe Biden visited North Carolina to speak at a local community center about Bidenomics and our nation’s economy.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “When voters gave North Carolina Republicans the majority in the legislature, Democrats had left North Carolina with a record $2.5 billion deficit. Thanks to North Carolina Republicans’ tax cuts, pro-business policies, and responsible spending, we’ve turned that around from a deficit to a surplus year after year to the tune of $6.5 Billion in 2022-2023 alone.”

He continued, “Perhaps President Biden should take notes from North Carolina Republicans and our economic success rather than spend taxpayer dollars touting failed Bidenomics.”

Speaker Moore and Elections Chair Rep. Grey Mills Exploring Potential Legislative Action to Keep President Donald Trump on Ballot in NC

This week, the North Carolina Board of Elections considered a challenge to former President Donald Trump’s ability to be on the ballot in the 2024 election. While the State board delayed consideration of the matter in a vote of 4-1, Democrats may bring the matter up again before the general election.

Speaker Moore and Elections Chair Rep. Grey Mills have released the following statement:

“In light of recent efforts by activists both here in North Carolina and other, we believe it is necessary for us to explore legislative action to ensure the Democratic majority on the NC State Board of Elections does not have unchecked authority to remove a major political party’s nominee from the ballot. North Carolina will be a critical state in the upcoming presidential election and removing a leading candidate in this race like President Trump would be an affront to democracy.”

Speaker Tim Moore Statement on Challenge to President Trump on North Carolina’s Ballot

Today, the North Carolina State Board of Elections will be considering a complaint today that challenges former President Donald Trump’s ability to be on the ballot.

Speaker Moore has released the following statement:

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The complaint filed with the NCSBE against President Trump has entirely no merit and has one aim—to deny North Carolina voters their Constitutional right to decide for themselves who our next president will be. Rather than let the voters decide, some activists would prefer to effectively silence the former President. I wholeheartedly condemn this malicious attempt to interfere with our elections here in North Carolina.”

Speaker Moore Reacts to Desperate Challenge to North Carolina’s Congressional Map

Today, on the first day of candidate filing, Democratic activists filed a lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s new congressional map, which was approved by the North Carolina General Assembly over a month ago.

Speaker Moore has released the following statement:

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “It has taken Democratic activists over a month after these maps were approved by the General Assembly to concoct these baseless allegations. This is a desperate attempt to throw chaos into North Carolina’s elections, on the first day of candidate filing no less. We are fully confident that these maps are going to be used in this election and every election this decade.”


Speaker Moore Named “Lawmaker of the Year” by NC Fraternal Order of Police

The NC Fraternal Order of the Police (NCFOP) has named NC House Speaker Tim Moore their 2023 “Lawmaker of the Year” for his commitment to North Carolina’s law enforcement.

“Speaker Moore has shown through the years he’s a devout supporter of law enforcement. He has spent his time in the legislature working with law enforcement professionals across the state to ensure our voices are heard,” said NCFOP President Randy Hagler.

He continued, “The law enforcement officers in North Carolina know how vital his leadership has been in ensuring our state continues to be a place where our citizens are safe. When law enforcement officers are under attack by many lawmakers, we know Speaker Moore is steadfast and immoveable in his support.”

About the NC Fraternal Order of the Police

The NC Fraternal Order of Police is comprised of more than 6,000 law enforcement officers and fifty local lodges across North Carolina. NCFOP officers work in local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in nearly every county in North Carolina. All NCFOP officers are either active or retired law enforcement professionals.

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