TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

North Carolina’s High-Powered Republican Economy Returning: Three Major Jobs Announcements in a Week


U.S. Golf Association Makes New Commitment to North Carolina as Legislation Lures Tournaments, Jobs, Tourism

Powerful Wall Street Journal Editorial Praises Bipartisan “Carolina Victory for School Choice

The Best State for Business three years in a row at Forbes, North Carolina is making jobs and economic development gains again.
  • Republicans built a quality manufacturing jobs base for North Carolina’s long-term economic future that is poised for recovery and growth.
  • In addition to U.S.G.A. announcement today, 300 packaging jobs are coming to Hickory with a $9.5 million investment by MaxPax LLC.
  • North Carolina’s high-powered Republican economy is a big reason we rank among the top destinations for new residents and economic investments.
  • Republicans put money back into North Carolinians’ pockets with direct support for parents, tax relief, recovery funds, and unemployment relief.
  • Rapid job growth under Republican leadership provided revenue surpluses, savings, and AAA credit ratings when combined with strategic budgeting.
At U.S.G.A. jobs announcement, Speaker Moore says North Carolina is the perfect state for sports partnerships.
  • “There really is nowhere like North Carolina, and no one as competitive,” Speaker Moore said Wednesday in Pinehurst, N.C. “We are excited to build more partnerships that showcase the very best of our state to the world.”
  • The legislature passed the Championship NC Act to secure this opportunity that builds on our strong sports industries, tourism, and retirement base.
  • In addition to powerful direct relief for families, the General Assembly is keeping its promise to build a strong economic future through balanced budgets that attract more new opportunities when we need them most.
  • The economic impact includes 50 full-time jobs, a research facility, visitors center, offices, museum, and four more U.S. Open tournaments.
“Parents in North Carolina struggling…received some welcome news,” a national editorial board wrote this week.
  • Republicans helped more families qualify for scholarships and pay for childcare, while lifting caps on kindergarten and first-grade enrollments.
  • This legislature will not allow our most vulnerable students to fall behind by being denied access to classrooms and has sent lifelines to families.
  • The legislature stepped up to offer new education opportunities and expand access to classroom learning options when families need it most.
  • Republicans achieved this reform while accomplishing public schools’ funding priority to “hold harmless” allotments despite enrollment drops.