Speaker Moore Urges Families be Allowed to Attend Athletics in North Carolina

Raleigh, N.C. – State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) sent a letter Thursday urging Governor Cooper to allow families of student athletes to attend competitive sporting events in North Carolina.

Speaker Moore said families have worked hard to help students realize their dream of competing in amateur athletics and that “innovative methods of testing, tracing, and self-assessment have emerged that make family attendance at athletic events safely possible.”

“It came to my attention that your administration does not currently plan to allow family members to attend athletic events, even if they comply with social distancing and containment guidelines,” Speaker Moore said Thursday.

“Families will gather in restaurants, breweries, and other venues to watch athletic competition in large groups, often indoors.”
“Thus, there is no justification for prohibiting family members from attending athletic events in large outdoor stadiums, where they can remain six feet apart.”
“On behalf of countless families who have worked hard to support the athletic careers of their students, I urge you to allow family members to safely attend athletic events in North Carolina.”
“Amateur sports are an integral part of our traditions, and North Carolinians should not be denied the opportunity to watch their loved ones fulfill their dreams of athletic competition.”
Read the full text of the letter here.