Rep. Sarah Stevens Elected Speaker Pro Tem of the North Carolina House

Raleigh, N.C. – Speaker Tim Moore released a statement Thursday on Rep. Sarah Stevens’ service as Speaker Pro Tem in the North Carolina House of Representatives:

“Rep. Sarah Stevens was elected by her colleagues to serve as Speaker Pro Tem because she possesses the character and poise we need in House leadership to continue our success creating jobs and improving education.  Rep. Stevens has earned enormous respect from our caucus through her immense contribution to Republican policy reforms.

Rep. Stevens has a unique commitment to identifying the important problems where we need to implement reform.  She works exceptionally hard to find solutions with stakeholders that improve our state government.  She works hard on technical details on a daily basis because she cares deeply about the outcomes we effect on others through our decisions as legislators.

Rep. Stevens recognizes solutions to our biggest problems don’t come easy, and is willing to do the often thankless, detailed legislative work of improving policy outcomes for our citizens.

Rep. Stevens applies her very best to every issue at hand and our citizens are fortunate to have her working constantly on their behalf.   She is a leader who brings citizens together to deal with complicated issues, create dialogue on difficult policy matters and find ways to pass reforms that improve North Carolina for her constituents and all those living in our state.”