Speaker Moore Responds to Court Order Calling Secretive DOJ Deal “Unacceptable”

Raleigh, N.C. – State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released a statement Wednesday responding to federal Judge William Osteen’s order criticizing Attorney General Josh Stein and his Department of Justice’s efforts to rewrite state election law after voting started without authority.

“This order by U.S. District Court Judge Osteen today exposes Attorney General Josh Stein’s “consent decree” for the purely partisan sham that it is,” Speaker Moore said.
Judge Osteen said “The North Carolina State Board of Elections has eliminated the one-witness requirement under the guise of compliance with this court’s order.”
Speaker Moore’s office noted earlier this week that the state Department of Justice released false materials about its “sue-and-settle” deal, and the Judge Osteen order confirms its concerns that a “Fact Sheet” and “Summary of Consent Decree” released by the DOJ contained false statements.