Speaker Moore Calls for NC to Lead the Way for Reliable, Affordable, and Sustainable Energy

Today, in a new opinion piece written with GOPAC chairman David Avella, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore calls for reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions across the country and for North Carolina to lead the way.
Speaker Moore said in the piece, “I, Tim Moore, am determined to have North Carolina showing the path for others to follow. A diverse group of energy policy stakeholders was brought together to confront the challenges facing consumers. The legislation developed will secure decades of reliable, affordable, and, yes, cleaner power for North Carolinians.”
He continued further, “The Modernize Energy Generation legislation supports a mix of generation technologies that includes new combined-cycle natural gas power plants. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, these facilities produce about 60% less carbon than coal plants. The legislation also commits $50 million to facilitate early site permitting for a new, advanced modular nuclear facility — a source of energy that generates zero emissions.”
The Op-Ed, entitled “Americans don’t have to live in the dark” can be read in full at the Washington Examiner.