Unanimous Support of Powerful Stakeholders for House Energy Legislation

Raleigh, N.C.  – Key stakeholders in North Carolina’s energy markets expressed unanimous support for H.B. 589 Competitive Energy Solutions in the House Energy and Public Utilities Committee on Tuesday morning.

Unanimous support from powerful stakeholder groups indicates the consensus energy policy reforms proposed in H.B. 589  could pass the General Assembly this session and put North Carolina at the forefront of forward-thinking, comprehensive energy legislation in the United states.

Representatives of the following organizations encouraged committee members to support the bill during the public comment portion of the House Energy and Public and Utilities Committee meeting on Tuesday:

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Association: “This is a very important bill for the retail industryand opens avenues we could not previously take advantage of….it lets us use our capital to put it back in our stores and our employees and compete with the rest of the United States.” 

The North Carolina Chamber of Commerce praised the “forward-thinking energy policy.  The reforms are good for the state,  manufacturers and our members to keep energy prices competitive.” 

The Environmental Defense Fund: “On balance this represents an important step forward for North Carolina’s energy future.” 

Americans for Prosperity North Carolina: “We are optimistic about the bill…overall it does a lot of good…it creates a more free-market process, and that’s a good thing.”

Electrocities, which represents 71 public power communities and provides energy to 1.2 million people said “the reforms outlined are necessary.” 

Dominion Power’s representative said his organization was “fully supportive of the bill.” 

North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and Clean Energy Business Alliance: “We remain grateful for the energy stakeholder process…it represents a compromise and consensus among many groups.” 

Duke Energy said the legislation creates “positive outcomes for our customers and for North Carolina.” 

H.B. 589 unanimously passed the House Energy Public Utilities Committee and the House Finance Committee on Tuesday.   It is expected to receive full votes on the House floor later this week.