NC Speaker Tim Moore Statement re: SCOTUS Moore v. Harper Decision

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued their decision in the Moore v. Harper case.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Today the United States Supreme Court has determined that state courts may rule on questions of state law even if it has an impact on federal elections law. Ultimately, the question of the role of state courts in congressional redistricting needed to be settled and this decision has done just that. I am proud of the work we did to pursue this case to the nation’s highest court.”

He continued, “Fortunately the current Supreme Court of North Carolina has rectified bad precedent from the previous majority, reaffirming the state constitutional authority of the NC General Assembly. We will continue to move forward with the redistricting process later this year.”

House Overrides Governor’s Veto of the “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act”

Today the North Carolina House of Representatives voted to override the Governor’s veto of SB 20, the “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act.”

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “I am proud that the House has overridden the Governor’s veto of this meaningful, mainstream legislation. Senate Bill 20 will save lives and provide needed support for women and families while putting North Carolina’s abortion law in line with the most of rest of the free world.”

He continued, “Today the North Carolina House of Representatives has affirmed the value of human life, and I am proud that the ‘Care for Women, Children, and Families Act’ is now law.”

NC House Speaker Tim Moore Responds to Governor’s Veto of SB 20

Today Governor Roy Cooper vetoed SB 20, the “Care for Women, Children, and Families Act.”

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore responded with the following statement:

“Governor Cooper has spent the past week, including Mother’s Day weekend, spreading misinformation about SB 20 in an effort to frighten voters and appease campaign donors.”

He continued, “The truth is, the Care for Women, Children, and Families Act will save unborn lives, protect women, and support families. His veto will be swiftly overridden.”

NC Supreme Court Delivers Rulings to Reinstate Voter ID, Affirm the Legislature’s Redistricting Authority and End Unconstitutional Felon Voting

Today, the NC Supreme Court published three separate decisions that will:

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The decisions handed down today by the NC Supreme Court have ensured that our constitution and the will of the people of North Carolina are honored.”

He continued, “Nearly five years after the voters of this state overwhelmingly voted in favor of photo ID at the polls, it has finally become the law of the land. We will fulfill our constitutional duty to redraw state house, senate and congressional maps.”


North Carolina House Votes to Override Governor’s Veto of SB 41

Today, pursuant to House rules and in concordance with the printed calendar distributed to members Tuesday evening, the North Carolina House passed a procedural motion to suspend debate on the veto override of SB 41, Guarantee 2nd Amendment Freedom and Protections.

In a vote of 71-46, the House voted to override Governor Cooper’s veto. SB 41 will now become law.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “This legislation preserves the Second Amendment rights of North Carolinians by repealing the outdated pistol permit system. It also allows all churches and other place of religious worship to protect their parishioners and launches a statewide firearm safe storage awareness initiative.”

He continued, “These have been long-standing goals of Second Amendment advocates in our state, and we have finally brought this legislation over the finish line.”

NC House Gives Final Approval to HB 76, “Access to Healthcare Options”

Today House Bill 76, “Access to Healthcare Options” has passed the North Carolina House of Representatives in a vote of 87 to 24.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “This is an historic step forward to increase access to healthcare for our rural communities.”

He continued, “Considering the HASP funds and the work provisions put in place in this bill along with other safeguards, our workforce will remain strong as we expand access to healthcare for those who need it in the most conservative and fiscally responsible way possible. I look forward to a passing a strong conservative budget for North Carolina so that expansion can take affect.”

House Bill 76 will be sent to Governor Cooper for his signature.

Bipartisan Bill Increasing Penalties for Rioting Becomes Law Without Governor’s Signature

Today, Governor Cooper let House Bill 40 become law without his signature.

House Bill 40 allows for increased penalties for rioters, prison time, and allows property owners to sue for up to three times the actual damage sustained.

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Nearly three years after violent protests devastated communities and businesses in North Carolina, I am pleased that this bipartisan legislation will finally become law.”

He continued, “While the First Amendment guarantees the right to peacefully protest, those who hijack otherwise peaceful demonstrations to cause chaos and destruction in our communities must be held accountable, and law enforcement must have our support to do just that. This bill has had bipartisan support since it was first introduced, and our communities will be safer now that this bill will finally become law.”

NC House Speaker Tim Moore Responds to Governor Cooper’s Unrealistic Budget Proposal

NC Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) released the following statement Wednesday following the release of Governor Roy Cooper’s budget proposal:

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Governor Cooper’s budget proposal takes the same reckless approach to spending that his fellow Democrats have taken in Washington. Unfortunately, this kind of runaway spending has resulted in a failing economy that has left millions of Americans behind.”

He continued, “The General Assembly will continue on the fiscally responsible path that has made our state attractive to so many. Now Governor Cooper is proposing a budget that effectively eliminates the tax cuts that will help North Carolinians make ends meet and have attracted families and businesses to our state. Over a decade of Republican budget leadership has put North Carolina on solid financial ground. This is no coincidence– our fiscally responsible approach to spending works.”

NC Senate Approves Bipartisan Legislation to Address Rioting and Civil Disorder

In a bipartisan vote, today the North Carolina Senate overwhelmingly approved HB 40, to “Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder. The bill will now be sent to the Governor’s desk for signature.

House Speaker Tim Moore said, “We simply must do a better job of protecting the public and our business owners and supporting our law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. I am thankful that both the House and Senate have now approved this commonsense bill.”

He continued, “Particularly in light of the rampant increase in crime in our state and across the nation, I urge Governor Cooper to sign this commonsense bill into law without delay.”

North Carolina General Assembly Leaders Reach Agreement on Overall Budget Spend

North Carolina Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) and North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) today reached an agreement on the total spend of the 2023-2024 budget at 6.5% growth in the first year and 3.75% the following year.
House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Reaching this agreement with the Senate on the overall spend is an encouraging start to crafting another responsible budget that addresses the needs of North Carolinians, including key investments in teacher and state employee raises, infrastructure, and workforce development.”
He continued, “We have more work to do to ensure those needs are met, to secure a bright future for North Carolina in spite of the failing Biden economy that has impacted us all. I am confident we can keep our state on the same path to continue the growth and promise our state offers so many.”