2023 Appropriations Act Will Become Law, Enacting Major Conservative Policy Wins for North Carolina

Raleigh, NC – Today, after final Senate approval of the 2023 Appropriations Act, Governor Roy Cooper announced that although he will not sign the budget, he will allow it become law without his signature.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “While I am disappointed that Governor Cooper has refused to sign the budget, I am grateful for the bipartisan support it has received and am looking forward to the 2023 Appropriations Act becoming law.”

He continued, “Thanks to the surplus achieved as a result of the last several years of fiscal responsibility by the Republican-led General Assembly, the 2023 Appropriations Act not only invests in the most pressing needs of North Carolinians, but includes several policy wins for our state. Some of these policies include fighting the onerous Green New Deal, enacting universal school choice, implementing election security, providing income tax relief, banning COVID-19 mandates, and more. I am proud of the budget that has passed both chambers today and look forward to the 2023 Appropriations Act becoming law so that North Carolina families can benefit from these conservative policy wins as soon as possible.”