New Court Filings in NC Voter ID, Redistricting Lawsuits

Today attorneys for the North Carolina General Assembly asked the NC Supreme Court to correct errors made by the previous activist court in the Harper v. Hall and Holmes v. Moore cases.

Attorneys filed petitions for rehearing in the voter ID and redistricting cases in order to have them reconsidered by the newly-seated Supreme Court.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The people of North Carolina sent a message election day. They clearly rejected the judicial activism of the outgoing majority. I am committed to fighting for the rule of law and will of the voters. It’s time for voter ID to be law, as the people of North Carolina have demanded.”

Sam Hayes, General Counsel for NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Holmes was wrongly decided based on a predetermined outcome. We now have a chance to right this wrong and deliver on voter ID, which the voters of this state overwhelmingly support.”