House Education Chairman Proposes Teaching Fellows, Passes K-12 Performance Reform

Raleigh, N.C.  –  Rep. Craig Horn (R-Union), Chairman of the North Carolina House Education K-12 Committee, is leading two major legislative efforts this March to improve public schools across the state.

Rep. Horn filed House Bill 339 North Carolina Teaching Fellows the same day House Bill 322 School Performance Grades, legislation he also sponsored, passed the North Carolina House by a vote of 116-2.

House Bill 339 North Carolina Teaching Fellows would offer new STEM educators (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) a student-loan forgiveness plan if they committed to working in the state’s public schools.

House Bill 322 School Performance Grades encourages achievement by allowing K-12 public schools to reflect performance growth in their overall evaluations, increasing the impact of improved test scores on a school’s A-F ranking.

Rep. Craig Horn released a statement:

“The General Assembly is building a dynamic education system in North Carolina that serves every student with high-quality teachers, classrooms and opportunities to be successful.”

“We have delivered three consecutive years of teacher pay raises in North Carolina General Assembly, but it’s time to do more.  We can entice some of our brightest college students to become teachers with a student-loan forgiveness track for educators who commit to becoming long-term educators in STEM subjects.”

“It’s also time to encourage test score improvement in K-12 school performance rankings by weighting achievement growth with the same value as overall performance.  North Carolina should reward our public school students and hard-working educators that show substantial improvement in test scores with A-F rankings that reflect performance growth.”