N.C. House Leaders Respond to Court Unanimously Approving Proposed Bipartisan Redistricting Maps

Raleigh, N.C. – State House leaders responded Monday to a three judge panel’s unanimous approval of proposed legislative redistricting maps submitted by the General Assembly last month.

State House Redistricting Committee co-chairs Rep. Destin Hall (R-Caldwell) and Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) released a joint statement:

“We appreciate this court’s recognition that a historically transparent and bipartisan redistricting process complied with its order entirely,” Rep. Hall and Rep. Lewis said.     

The new election districts were selected at random from computer generated maps of the plaintiffs’ redistricting expert in a recent trial challenging election boundaries for the North Carolina General Assembly.

Both the state House and Senate redistricting processes were conducted in full view of a public livestream video feed, including streams of all computers worked on by members and staff throughout the committees.

Leaders of both parties also praised the process, with Republican and Democrat leaders releasing a joint statement calling it “the most transparent redistricting process in history. The maps produced in this room in the last several days are fair and nonpartisan.”

Members of both parties also participated in a nonpartisan process of minimally modifying the randomly generated map only to comply with the court order by addressing issues of incumbency.

Legislators had emphasized that 12 of 14 House county groupings in the new maps were approved unanimously by the state House Redistricting Committee.  Another House county grouping received nearly unanimous support.  Only one of 14 county groupings was contentious.

The state Senate approved its maps with a bipartisan supermajority vote.