Speaker Moore Statement on Anti-Israel Protest That Halted Durham Traffic for Hours

On Thursday, November 2, 2023, traffic came to a standstill during the evening commute due to a group of protestors who blocked two lanes of traffic on the Durham Freeway. Traffic was halted for hours until protestors eventually dispersed. No arrests were made.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “I unequivocally condemn the pro-Hamas protests that obstructed traffic during the peak of the rush hour commute for many in the Triangle yesterday. Let me be clear– those calling for a “ceasefire” are sympathizing with Hamas when we should all be standing firmly with Israel for the duration of their response to the unprovoked attack by Hamas on October 7th.”

He continued, “Rather than exercise law and order, the City of Durham and the Cooper administration allowed protesters to take over a state highway for hours and block citizens from traveling to their destinations. We cannot condone lawlessness that impedes the daily lives of our citizens.”