President Biden’s North Carolina Visit: A Statement from House Speaker Tim Moore

Today, President Joe Biden is visiting Greensboro, North Carolina to address rising inflation and highlight the recent influx of businesses to our state.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Although I am glad President Biden is visiting North Carolina today, what he is here to sell North Carolinians is nothing more than snake oil. While he continues to overspend, inflation continues to skyrocket with no end in sight. Gas prices are soaring. The strain on taxpayers and businesses is greater than ever, and each of us feel the impact of bad Biden policies on our daily lives.”
He continued, “In North Carolina, we have taken a different approach, and it’s working. We cannot spend our way to prosperity. Instead of rising debt, our state has a surplus thanks to responsible spending. Because of this, and despite the hardships caused by bad Biden policies, businesses are flocking to our state, and taxpayers have more money in their pockets. Maybe the president can take a few pointers from North Carolina.”