North Carolina Poised to “Focus on the Future”

Raleigh, N.C. – North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore delivered remarks to the North Carolina Press Association’s Winter Institute and the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce last week, telling audiences few states are better poised for excellent economic growth, improved education and a ‘focus on the future.’

Moore released excerpts of his remarks:

“Few states are better positioned than North Carolina to focus on the future.  We’ve paid off our debt, ended the days of deficits and reduced taxes on families and businesses.  

“Getting government out of the way of business jump-started North Carolina’s economy, and our state is uniquely poised to meet the challenges of the digital age.

“Rapid job creation allows North Carolina to invest in the highest quality classrooms, teachers and tech training for our students. 

“Since 2014, North Carolina gave the largest combined teacher pay raises in the country.  Politifact

“North Carolina must continue to adapt our economic climate and meet new demands of the digital age with a world-class workforce.” 

 “That’s what we are focused on – the bright future of our state – in the North Carolina House of Representatives this session.”