N.C. HOUSE TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

NPR Says Republican Reforms Saved N.C. Finances

North Carolina Ranks 5th in Economic Outlook

Republican Savings Fund More Hurricane Relief

Governor Still Slow to Tap Unemployment Funds

Dems Block Virtual School Access in Pandemic

N.C. Democrats’ Tax Hikes Confirmed by Press

Gov. Cooper Hasn’t Submitted Unemployment Supplement Application as His Claim Payments Rank Last in the Country
  • The Governor failed unemployed North Carolinians in 2019 and throughout the pandemic with an abysmal record paying claims.
  • While the Governor fails the unemployed he simultaneously forces citizens into his broken system through broad economic closures.
  • The Governor’s disastrous UI failures join his abysmal record on DOT overspending and failure to timely distribute disaster grants.
  • North Carolina has Republican savings to opt-in to President Trump’s supplement, but is still waiting on the Governor.
NPR: Republican leadership helped North Carolina avoid the financial harms of the pandemic affecting other states. 
  • Even left-leaning media recognizes smart Republican leadership saved North Carolina from worst of the pandemic.
  • ‘In recent years, Republicans have built up the rainy day fund…while simultaneously beefing up those reserves,’ NPR said, noting Republicans helped teachers keep jobs.
  • North Carolinians are fortunate Republicans kept their promises instead of falling back on Democrat tax-and-spend failed policies.
Republican Rainy Day Fund Continues to Benefit Communities Hit by Hurricanes Years Later
  • Hurricane recovery funding continues to flow in August 2020, including $2 million for a Carolina Beach marina denied by FEMA.
  • The General Assembly spent $1 billion on hurricane relief since 2016 and still has $1 billion in the reserve thanks to Republicans.
  • Strong savings are a direct result of fixing broken entitlement programs like Medicaid and the Unemployment Trust Fund.
  • Massive deficits and debt from these programs broken under Democratic control pulled funds away from other critical services until the Republican legislature finally balanced the state budget.
  • If Democrats had their way on the budget, these emergency savings would not exist.
  • Governor Cooper opposed Republicans’ large rainy day fund.
  • The Republican-led General Assembly kept its promises to fix the state’s finances and hard-hit hurricane victims are benefiting.
While Republicans expand education access, the Governor’s appointees block virtual learning options in a pandemic.
  • Despite nearly 10,000 kids on the waiting list, the Governor’s State Board of Education appointees refuse to expand Virtual Academy.
  • The Governor is willing to force students to learn remotely, but doesn’t want them to have the choice to do so.
  • While Republicans give low-income families more learning choices, the Governor and his liberal allies try to take them away.
  • Families who want a say in their child’s education are right to be dismayed by N.C. Democrats’ radical K-12 agenda.
North Carolina ranked 5th in economic outlook thanks to Republican leadership.
  • The Best State for Business three years in a row according to Forbes, North Carolina’s job and population growth outpaces competitors thanks to a decade of successful Republican reform.
  • WRAL reports job surges in North Carolina are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels in cutting-edge technology industries.
  • Two North Carolina cities rank in the top-5 of a national STEM Job Growth Index, a remarkable accomplishment for our state.
  • Republican leaders are responsible for North Carolina’s strong economic outlook, Democrats have tried everything to stop it.
Leftist Fact Checkers Confirm Democrats Raised Taxes by Billions in 2001…BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE
  • Democrats also raised taxes by billions of dollars in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009 while they had control of North Carolina.
  • WRAL and NPR-Charlotte confirm the Democrat tax hikes but don’t mention they continued throughout the 2000s.
  • Democrats kept raising North Carolina’s sales tax, which hurts poor people the most, contrary to their supposed priorities.
  • The state still ran out of money when the financial crisis hit, went billions into debt, furloughed teachers and cut their pay.
  • Republicans, by contrast, cut taxes throughout the 2010s and had strong savings, surpluses, and AAA credit ratings in 2020.
  • Republicans’ state government leadership has helped North Carolina succeed, unlike Democrats’ failed tax and spend policies.