Live Video Streams of N.C. House Remote Committees to Begin Next Week on General Assembly Website 

Raleigh, N.C. – The Office of State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) announced Thursday that live video streams of remote committee meetings being held online by the North Carolina House of Representatives will be available for the public starting next week.

Video of remote committee meetings will be streamed on the General Assembly website via YouTube beginning Tuesday, April 14, 2020, allowing the public to watch the ongoing state House Select Committee on COVID-19 hearings online.  Audio of the meetings will continue to be streamed separately as well.

Members of both parties chair policy working groups within the committee, which was formed remotely to facilitate preparations of a legislative response package while minimizing gatherings of staff and members in accordance with public health containment guidelines.

Speaker Moore said the state House was expanding its remote meeting capability ahead of its legislative session later in April.

“We continue to expand our remote committee capability in the North Carolina House to prepare a legislative response that delivers much-needed help to people who we know are really hurting right now,” Speaker Moore said Thursday. 

“Remote House committees are working to provide solutions for the unprecedented challenges facing North Carolina families, and we encourage every community to watch their representatives at work putting our state on a strong road to recovery.”

The video live streams will be provided on the website of the state House Select Committee on COVID-19.