TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Public Schools Win Big in Relief Package Moving Through the North Carolina General Assembly

Bipartisan Priorities in Legislative Budget Proposal Includes $14 Million for PPE+NC Program

North Carolina Parents to Receive Direct Support Payments of $335 Under General Assembly Proposal


The General Assembly can afford to hold school funding harmless regardless of enrollment, a big win for K-12 schools.
  • The legislature listened to one of the biggest concerns of public school systems by holding their funding harmless, regardless of enrollment drops.
  • Holding schools harmless now impacts funds for next year, but Republicans are making that promise to K-12 schools now because we can afford it.
  • Providing this funding certainty to school systems lets them focus on teaching our children in these difficult times.
  • The COVID-19 relief package continues massive investments in PPE to return kids to the classroom safely as soon as possible.
  • All of our education investments are focused on safely returning students to the classroom where they can learn effectively with students and peers.
  • Teachers received bonuses and step pay raises from the General Assembly this year despite the pandemic’s shock to state revenue.
  • Instead of cutbacks, furloughs, and rising debt like in 2010, Republican-led North Carolina can afford to promise our schools consistent funding levels.
  • Holding schools harmless was the top education priority of public schools and education advocacy groups. Republicans answered the call.
The General Assembly and Governor both propose large investment in PPE+NC program for North Carolina.
  • An innovative program to leverage community colleges, PPE+NC received over $14 million in both the Governor and General Assembly’s proposals.
  • The bipartisan PPE+NC program will produce protective equipment to stop the spread of COVID-19 in North Carolina.
  • The House also appointed bipartisan COVID-19 committee chairs, and lawmakers of both parties to work together to develop relief proposals.
  • The PPE+NC program is funded through appropriations to local governments and community colleges in the legislature’s relief proposal.
  • The program is a great example of powerful investments the General Assembly is making to directly combat COVID-19 here in North Carolina.
  • The funding priorities and policies in the latest COVID-19 relief package are the result of the bipartisan work by this House of Representatives.
Extra Credits program will support parents facing rising childcare costs with schools closed across North Carolina.
  • Millions of North Carolinians are struggling financially and desperate for support to pay for childcare costs as schools remain closed across the state.
  • Just as federal direct payments benefited families facing uncertainty, North Carolina leaders can afford to give direct help to parents statewide too.
  • For families who have to balance their budget, $335 is critical support for their students’ education, their finances, cars, utilities, credit card bills, etc.
  • Providing relief right to North Carolina families is the best way to support them as they are harmed by broad economic closures and closed schools.