TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Myth Exposed: North Carolina #1 in Southeast in K-12 Funding Increases Under Republicans

Speaker Moore Addresses Plans for the Upcoming Legislative Session on Capital Tonight

A Lower ‘Max Tax’ in N.C. Constitution Protects Working Families’ Take Home Pay for the Future


Exposing the myth that N.C. Republicans don’t invest in public schools, liberal NEA ranks us #1 in the Southeast and top-10 in the nation for key K-12 funding metrics.
  • Leftist media and Democrats have been falsely claiming for years that Republican state lawmakers aren’t investing heavily in public schools.
  • New facts and figures from the National Education Association, parent organization of the NCAE, once again prove this is a false partisan myth.
  • North Carolina is #1 in its region in increasing K-12 funding, per-pupil spending, and educator salaries, and top-10 in the nation in those as well.
  • North Carolina gave teachers some of the highest salary increases in the country with five straight raises, until the Governor’s veto broke the streak.
  • So far NCAE is silent on the figures instead of celebrating great news for North Carolina schools because they advocate for Democrats, not educators.
Speaker Moore joined Capital Tonight to discuss the upcoming legislative session, the RNC, and safe reopenings:
  • “I have not seen any budget requests from the Governor, so I guess I will find out from him whenever the press conference is like everyone else,” Speaker Moore said. “It would be nice to know that before, but that is becoming the norm I’m afraid.”
  • “We will of course look at what the Governor sends over but we are not sitting back waiting, We already have ideas of what we need to do with those COVID funds.”
  • “Whenever this started, I appointed a bipartisan committee, Democrats and Republican chairs, to really try to take politics out of this.”
  • “We passed things unanimously, we got COVID money and CARES money out where it needs to go, to hospitals, health departments, schools, local governments, grants for small businesses, the list goes on and on.”
  • “The thing we’re asking the Governor to do is really look at where we are with the phased part of reopening…particularly now when North Carolina is on an island as the only state that has certain businesses shut down, and look, what we’re doing is not entirely working.”
N.C. Republicans not only provided relief, they protected families by capping income taxes at 7% in the constitution.
  • With a lower income tax and sales tax in place for families, the General Assembly took action to reduce the max income tax in the state constitution.
  •  The reform protects families from future massive income tax increases.
  • A strong majority of North Carolinians supported the lower rate at the ballot after the General Assembly proposed the reform to protect taxpayers.
  • Combined with a 3x higher ‘zero-tax bracket’ for working people, lower tax rates benefit North Carolinians and protect their take-home pay.
  • North Carolina passed 30 states in three years of Tax Foundation rankings as Republicans kept their promise to provide relief for families.