TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Tuesday, September 1, 2020

North Carolina Far Better Off than Other States as Republican Reforms Allow Powerful Relief Efforts

N.C. Legislature Still Investing in Hurricane Recovery

General Assembly Continues Strategic Budget Spending to Combat COVID-19 Across North Carolina


Support for parents, unemployment benefit increases, broadband grants, and education investments are possible because Republicans paid off debt and spent responsibly.
  • This week’s COVID-19 relief package represents North Carolina’s strong fiscal position compared to other large states.
  • While other states have to raise taxes and pay down debt, our state is forward-investing in recovery and future growth through strong leadership.
  • Now we can do more for North Carolina in 2020, instead of cutting back.
  • Instead of using federal funds to pay down debt we’re investing in recovery. 
  • North Carolina is still prepared for the next rainy day with large trust funds and over $1 billion in savings reserves.
  • This General Assembly fixed broken programs, paid off debt, and spent responsibly. The results are working for North Carolina.
After spending over $1 billion on hurricane recovery since 2016, the General Assembly continues to invest even more this week in victims of Dorian, Matthew, Florence, and Isaias.
  • A strong rainy day fund allowed the legislature to spend powerfully on hurricane relief for North Carolinians.
  • This week’s relief package includes another $40 million for hurricane recovery, after our state had two ‘500 year floods’ since 2016.
  • Thanks to responsible budgeting by Republicans over the past decade – the state has been able to meet the challenge head-on.
  • The costs of hurricane recovery impact transportation , our economy, our healthcare, our education systems, and the legislature has responded.
  • The legislature is investing in long-term resiliency and victim assistance, meeting local government needs, and mitigating future storm impacts.
North Carolina’s legislature invested heavily in combating COVID-19 and maintains the priority in latest relief package. 
  • Previous relief packages invested over $1.2 billion in healthcare, including COVID-19 treatment, research, and testing, PPE, access to care, and more.
  • North Carolina also invested heavily in rural healthcare, telehealth, and vaccine research. While other states are cutting funds, we are investing.
  • Our state is on the cutting edge of fighting the virus through investments in our world-class universities and biotechnology hubs.  
  • Today, we are building on our previous investments with new initiatives to address critical needs in childcare and public health.  
  • These programs protect our most vulnerable in congregate living communities, especially nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.
  • Protecting those most vulnerable to COVID-19 is a top budget priority of this legislature.
  • We are also ensuring access by investing in safety net providers offering childcare, behavioral health, prescription drug, and substance abuse treatment to help families struggling in the crisis.