TALKING POINTS UPDATE: Dems Drop Witness Scheme, News Clips Contrast Leadership, Tax Relief Helping NC

N.C. Democrats Drop Ballot Witness Scheme

N.C. House Majority Releases Clips Contrasting Democrats’ Failures with Republican Success

N.C. Businesses and Families Face Massive Tax Hikes if Republican Relief Reversed


Gov. Cooper and AG Stein abandon collusive effort to remove a witness requirement for absentee ballots after voting started.
  • After weeks of misleading North Carolinians by falsely claiming their scheme “does NOT eliminate the witness requirement, Cooper and Stein give it up.
  • Brazen attempt to change a statute passed by legislative supermajorities and signed by the Governor fails as federal judges slam fake partisan “settlement.”
  • Republicans warned that Gov. Cooper could not be trusted with the Board of Elections and tried to implement a bipartisan board to prevent partisan schemes.
  • Democrats’ partisan action to change state law after voting started rebuked by federal judges as “improper” and “unacceptable” attempt “to ignore the rule of law.”
  • The NC DOJ continues to publish false materials to the voting public claiming its scheme “does NOT eliminate the witness requirement,” an obvious falsehood.
News clips contrast NC Democrats’ disastrous failure to save for emergencies with the benefits of NC Republicans’ readiness.
  • N.C. Democrats slashed education spending and raised taxes to cover billions in deficits because they were completely unprepared for financial crisis last decade.
  • N.C. Republicans invested in schools and families when crisis hit with AAA credit ratings, savings, and lower taxes that helped the state fight COVID-19.
  • Tax relief, responsible budgets, and pro-jobs economic reforms were clearly the better path for North Carolina than Democrats’ budget-busting big government.
  • Watch the clips posted by NC House majority leaders contrasting Republicans’ successful crisis preparations with Democrats’ disastrous financial failures.
Forbes contributor notes North Carolinians enjoy much lower sales, income, and corporate taxes under Republican leadership.
  • A lower sales tax rate and 3x higher zero-tax bracket for working families are Republican tax policies that benefit low-income families in North Carolina.
  • The Republican policy of lowering the sales tax rate while raising the standard deduction benefits families that earn the least, the most.
  • A Forbes contributor also noted today “As recently as 2013, the combined federal and state corporate tax rate paid by businesses in North Carolina was 41.9%. Today that combined corporate rate is 23.5%.”
  • Successful tax reform helped North Carolina avoid Democrats’ disaster from the previous decade through rapid economic growth and sustainable state budgets.