Speaker Moore Supports Streamlining UNC Board of Governors

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House of Representatives passed House Bill 39  Wednesday to improve the state’s higher education system by streamlining the UNC Board of Governors’ oversight of services for students and faculty.

Speaker Tim Moore, a prior member of the UNC Board of Governors before serving in the North Carolina House, released a statement on the bipartisan bill:

“House Bill 39 lets the UNC Board of Governors get down to brass tacks instead of the bureaucracy that is too common in our public education systems.”

“Lowering costs and improving the quality of higher education in North Carolina has been a priority of mine since I entered public office on the UNC Board of Governors in 1997.”

“The House of Representatives addressed university funding needs last year with a billion-dollar bond that helped campuses across the state. Streamlining the UNC Board of Governors is the next step in our ongoing efforts to maintain the University of North Carolina as the finest public institution for higher learning in the world.”

“University officials should focus on students and classrooms first, and streamlining the UNC Board of Governors will improve their ability to provide oversight and serve stakeholders in higher education.”