North Carolina House Gives Wide Bipartisan Approval to State Budget

Today, following months of good-faith, bipartisan negotiations between Republican Leadership and Democrats, the General Assembly approved the most significant State Budget in a generation.
The 2021 Appropriations Act, SB 105, makes historic investments in four critical areas: education, healthcare, infrastructure, and savings. The plan also maps out a pro-growth tax policy for the balance of this decade. 
The State of North Carolina has:
Never invested more money in Education
Never invested more in Health & Human Services
Never invested more in Infrastructure & our Communities 
Never saved more for the Future and Returned More Money to hardworking taxpayers and families
Never invested more in our military and veterans and their families
Until now.
House Speaker Tim Moore said, “The bipartisan passage of the 2021 Appropriations Act today marks an historic moment for our state. This budget makes historic investments to address some of the most crucial needs across our state, including historic education funding, a record $8 billion infrastructure plan, plans to address the healthcare needs brought to the forefront by the pandemic, all while cutting taxes and continuing to build back stronger than before. Never has the State of North Carolina been in a stronger position to serve its citizens, secure its future, and compete globally.”
He continued, “I grateful for the members of this General Assembly, particularly our Republican leadership, House Democratic Conferees, and the many citizens and stakeholders who contributed to this process. We look forward to this budget becoming law and are fully confident the future dividends will be enjoyed by all of North Carolina’s families for decades to come.”