House Speaker Tim Moore Responds to Governor’s Veto of Emergency Powers Bill

Today Governor Cooper vetoed House Bill 264, the Emergency Powers Accountability Act. This makes his 65th veto during his tenure as Governor.

HB 264 would have created a definition of “concurrence of the Council of State” under the North Carolina Emergency Management Act, which would clarify how the Governor is to seek such a concurrence when exercising certain authorities and would require the Governor to seek concurrence of the Council of State in additional instances.

NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “North Carolina remains in a state of emergency, now for a total of 600 days. During that time, many in our state have felt their individual liberties deteriorate under extreme mandates and policies as a result of unilateral decisions made by our Governor in the midst of the pandemic.”

He continued, “I am disappointed that Governor Cooper is blocking a bill that simply allows for checks and balances, not just for him, but any governor, Republican or Democrat, in the future.”