Governor Vetoes 2nd Amendment Rights for Religious Worshipers that Have Bipartisan Support in N.C. Legislature

Raleigh, N.C. – This week Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill to protect the 2nd amendment rights of religious worshipers that has more than enough bipartisan support in the North Carolina General Assembly for a veto override.

House Bill 652 Freedom to Worship Safely represents a longstanding legislative priority of religious communities in North Carolina to protect their congregations.
The bill would allow concealed carry permit holders to lawfully carry handguns only on the grounds of a place of worship that also serves as educational property, as long as such possession does not take place during any time of school curricular or extracurricular activities.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore released the following statement in response to Governor Cooper’s veto of House Bill 652:
“After unconstitutionally denying churchgoers the right to worship freely until a federal judge ordered him to permit religious services, Governor Cooper now refuses those same North Carolinians their 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves by vetoing a strongly bipartisan bill,” said Speaker Moore.
“The House will consider a veto override next week of these important constitutional rights for church congregations that drew more than enough bipartisan support in the General Assembly to enact the protections into law.”