North Carolina House Members Survey Devastating Flood Damage, Visit Victims in Western North Carolina

House Speaker Tim Moore And Contingency of Members Visit the Aftermath of Flood Disaster to Meet With Constituents, First Responders


Today, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and a contingency of House members visited Western North Carolina to survey the aftermath of the flooding from Tropical Storm Fred as the search continues for survivors.
North Carolina House members on site with Speaker Moore included Representative Pless, Representative Clampitt, Representative Gillespie, and Representative Miller.
They met with local officials, disaster relief workers, and constituents who are still reeling from the devastation.
Following the visit, House Speaker Tim Moore said, “One can never be prepared to see devastation like this in person. The images of emergency personnel who are still searching for bodies, the stories of lives lost in a matter of minutes from a wall of water that swept away everything in its path, the victims bravely picking up the pieces of what was lost— these are images that will be seared in my memory forever.”
He continued, “The people of Western North Carolina are strong and will recover from this extraordinary natural disaster. We will do all we can to support them in the coming days and months as they rebuild.”

House Budget Passes With Bipartisan Support

Includes historic investments in infrastructure, capital projects, education, $2 billion in tax cuts, and more

The House budget passed its third and final reading in a bipartisan vote Thursday afternoon, shining a spotlight on infrastructure, growth, and innovative projects to propel the state forward.
The House budget that was approved includes historic funding for infrastructure, capital projects, education, and more.
Among other things, the House budget invests:
  • $2 billion in tax cuts over the next two years
  • $5.8 billion in capital projects and infrastructure
  • Over $1 billion in broadband expansion
  • 5.5% teacher raises
  • 2.5% state employee raises
  • $465 million in disaster-related programs
  • $500 million for small business grants for COVID recovery
  • $2.8 billion in our savings reserve
The House budget also:
  • Restores Master’s pay supplement for teachers

  • Provides teachers with 8 weeks of paid parental leave

  • Eliminates requirement for teachers to pay for substitutes when using leave

  • Makes unemployment benefits nontaxable income

  • Invests in mental health facilities

House Speaker Tim Moore said, “Historic investments in infrastructure, capital projects, education, and mental health are just a few of the great things that make this budget the right way forward for North Carolina.”
He continued, “We have a budget that truly addresses the needs of all North Carolinians, many of which have been discussed for years by both parties. Now, thanks to the tight fiscal management we have historically voted for in this chamber, our state’s surplus allows us to invest in the right projects that propel our state forward. I look forward to negotiating with the Senate and Governor Cooper to come up with a final product that does the greatest amount of good for all North Carolinians.”

Speaker Moore Calls for NC to Lead the Way for Reliable, Affordable, and Sustainable Energy

Today, in a new opinion piece written with GOPAC chairman David Avella, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore calls for reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions across the country and for North Carolina to lead the way.
Speaker Moore said in the piece, “I, Tim Moore, am determined to have North Carolina showing the path for others to follow. A diverse group of energy policy stakeholders was brought together to confront the challenges facing consumers. The legislation developed will secure decades of reliable, affordable, and, yes, cleaner power for North Carolinians.”
He continued further, “The Modernize Energy Generation legislation supports a mix of generation technologies that includes new combined-cycle natural gas power plants. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, these facilities produce about 60% less carbon than coal plants. The legislation also commits $50 million to facilitate early site permitting for a new, advanced modular nuclear facility — a source of energy that generates zero emissions.”
The Op-Ed, entitled “Americans don’t have to live in the dark” can be read in full at the Washington Examiner.

NC House Passes SB 116 to Get North Carolina Back to Work

Today the North Carolina House of Representatives passed SB 116, the “Get North Carolina Back to Work Act” in a 71-36 overwhelming bipartisan vote.
The bill would make unemployment benefits non-taxable income and withdraw our state from the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Agreement (FPUC.)
“This bill is the way to restore strength in our economy, and finally move forward, to put this pandemic in the rear view mirror,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.
He continued, “This is a common-sense, reasonable approach to taking care of the people of this state, businesses, and the overall economy of this state.”
Click here for the Speaker’s floor speech in its entirety.

Office of Speaker Moore Adds Demi Dowdy as Director of Communications

Raleigh, N.C. – The Office of North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) is pleased to announce that Demi Dowdy has joined the Speaker’s Office as Director of Communications.
Dowdy is a first generation Cuban-American and lives in Harnett County. She brings 12 years of policy and communications experience, including three years as Communications Director for the Civitas Institute (now John Locke Foundation) here in Raleigh.
Dowdy is also a gifted columnist who has been featured in Town Hall, the Daily Caller, and more.
All future press inquiries will be directed to Demi Dowdy.

House Education Committee Passes Legislation Addressing Critical Race Theory in North Carolina School Systems

North Carolina House Education Chairmen Torbett (R-Gaston) and Blackwell (R-Burke), today unveiled legislation preventing discriminatory concepts, like Critical Race Theory, from being taught as fact or endorsed in North Carolina school districts. 
A House Committee Substitute for House Bill 324, “Ensuring Dignity & Nondiscrimination/Schools,” would prevent students or teachers from being taught that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex, or other related concepts that reduce individuals to their gender or skin color.

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House Passes Legislation Cracking Down on Riots and Civil Disorder

Raleigh, N.C. – Today, House Bill 805: Prevent Rioting and Civil Disorder, passed the North Carolina House of Representatives with an 88-25 vote.
House Bill 805 would seek to deter future civil unrest through multiple avenues. The legislation would significantly increase penalties for inciting a riot that leads to death, engaging in riots, and engaging in riots that lead to the physical injury of a first responder. Individuals whose person or property are damaged in a riot would be able to recover treble damages, court costs, and attorneys’ fees.

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Legislature Sends Governor Bill to Provide New Summer School Option for NC Families

Raleigh, N.C. – Today, the General Assembly gave unanimous approval to legislation to create a new summer school option for students who have fallen behind due to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Specifically, House Bill 82, Summer Learning Choice for NC Families, will create a six week in-person and fully funded summer school program available to every family if they so choose.