SCOTUS Should Review Democrat Sue-and-Settle Elections Schemes Like North Carolina’s, Speaker Moore Says

Raleigh, N.C. – State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) said Friday that the nation’s highest court should address Democrats’ “sue-and-settle-schemes” that attempt to influence election outcomes, like the partisan consent order entered by the North Carolina Department of Justice this year.

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Legislative Leaders, Governor Announce Deal on Rural Broadband Funding

 Unused COVID relief funds for rural broadband will replace $30 million in eligible expenses already incurred using General Fund dollars
Legislature will vote on a bill early next year to redirect the $30 million in freed up General Fund dollars to the GREAT program
Raleigh, N.C. – Legislative leaders and Gov. Roy Cooper reached a deal to ensure $30 million is allocated as promised to the GREAT rural broadband program.

Speaker Moore Urges Gov. Cooper and Raleigh Mayor to Prepare for Unrest with Protective Action

Raleigh, N.C. – State House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) sent a letter Friday urging Gov. Cooper and Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin to take necessary actions to protect property and residents in North Carolina’s capital ahead of expected unrest.
Read Speaker Moore’s letter to Gov. Cooper and Mayor Baldwin.
“Residents and business owners in Raleigh have suffered from the recurring violent destruction of their downtown too many times in 2020,” Speaker Moore wrote Friday.
“The people of North Carolina’s capital city are in dire need of swift measures by your administrations providing confidence that their livelihoods will be protected in the days ahead.”
“Elected leaders must not only send a strong message that protests remain peaceful. Our citizens depend on you to issue a powerful response that equips public safety officers, implements curfews, and takes all necessary steps to control yet another potential riot in the City of Raleigh.”
Raleigh media outlets are reporting “store owners are wary….about speaking out after enduring so much these last few months.”

Speaker Moore Hails 800 New Jobs Coming to Western North Carolina for $650M Aerospace Plant

Kings Mountain, N.C. – Today state House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) hailed the news of a massive economic development project in western North Carolina, as Raytheon will bring 800 jobs to Buncombe County with a $650 million aerospace investment.