State House Elects Speaker Tim Moore of Cleveland County to Third Term

Rep. Sarah Stevens of Surry County reelected Speaker Pro Tempore

Raleigh, N.C. – The state House of Representatives elected Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) to a third term as its presiding officer on Wednesday, making him the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House in North Carolina history.

Speaker Moore called it a “tremendous honor” to accept the nomination and dedicated his remarks to families still recovering from the devastating floods of Hurricanes Florence and Matthew:

“It is with the resilient spirit of families still recovering from the storms that the North Carolina General Assembly reconvenes this session,” Moore said.  

Speaker Moore  said the state legislature should maintain its effective record of reform by collaborating on behalf of working people and businesses:

“Tomorrow holds enormous promise for our people,” Moore said, “because today our state of storied traditions and rich landscapes faces far more opportunities than challenges.”

“I am proud to report that we are well-prepared and poised to fulfill those opportunities.”

Speaker Moore is a lifelong resident of Kings Mountain, N.C., beginning his ninth term in the state House of Representatives serving Cleveland County.

Rep. Sarah Stevens (R-Surry) was also reelected Speaker Pro Tempore by the North Carolina House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Full Text of Speaker Moore’s Opening Day Address 

Thank you and welcome.  Fellow representatives:

It is a tremendous honor to accept your nomination to serve as Speaker a third time.  To our special guests here today and people watching around our great state:

Welcome to the new biennium of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

On Opening Day, we have a special opportunity to thank our dedicated family members.  Members, let’s show our appreciation to our loved ones, who support us and sacrifice so much in service to this legislature.

Congratulations to new members who are here for the first time today.  You are taking the precious time that you have to represent local communities from around North Carolina.

We appreciate your service to this legislature and our state.

Many of you represent friends and neighbors still recovering from Hurricanes Florence and Matthew.  Our hearts are with the millions of North Carolinians still recovering from the storms.

And we owe a great thanks for the heroism of our first responders, volunteers, and emergency officials.  They showed incredible bravery in countless rescues of moms and dads, children, and families in sudden peril.

Others labored for weeks to protect the homes and livelihoods of their fellow North Carolinians.  To every one of you, we say thank you.  God Bless You.

This legislature will continue to prioritize recovery for citizens’ still suffering from the devastating floods.  They need new investments to rebuild their school systems and higher education campuses.

A second school construction bond I will file this session is essential to address these desperate needs.  When I travel and talk to eastern North Carolinians, I’m in awe of their perseverance through both storms.

These are incredible communities determined to respond and emerge stronger than ever.  It is with their resilient spirit that the North Carolina General Assembly reconvenes this session.

Today, our state of storied traditions and rich landscapes faces far more opportunities than challenges.  I am proud to report that we are well-prepared and poised to fulfill those opportunities.

And we will meet challenges with reforms that work.  By coming together for our shared priorities, we can continue to empower the public and private sectors.

Let’s continue improving our business climate.  Let’s keep a rapidly growing population and new jobs pouring into North Carolina.

Let’s maintain an approach that creates prosperity for native North Carolinians and new arrivals.  We all share the same goals for our local districts.

Public safety is our top priority along with providing a strong education, and getting good jobs for families.  We want to improve state government services.

We want the same results for our citizens.  We will collaborate to achieve them.  We each have a vision of serving our districts for a better North Carolina.

All of us are here to keep promises to the people of our hometowns, our neighbors, and friends.  I promise to help you serve them as only you can.

I have great confidence in the elected representatives of this chamber to continue our state’s success.  To do the right things for North Carolina, to protect the people and build a brighter future for our kids.

To compete around the world for cutting edge industries and a top-tier workforce for the next generation.  Whether you represent a major city, a historic small town, or our rural splendor:

Each of us is here to give good people the voice they deserve in Raleigh and in their state government.  As legislators we are called to lead by listening, and shine a light on the needs of our fellow citizens.

To speak up for what is right.  We have devoted our strength to this cause much greater than ourselves.  And we must endeavor to serve and love those who depend on us, above all.

To recognize that progress takes compromise.  That some values – like being first in freedom – are not just principles.  They are God-given guarantees.

The late Rev. Billy Graham, whose statue will soon represent our state in the U.S. Capitol, said:  “This idea of freedom as a right of all men everywhere is unique among nations.”

North Carolina, too, is a special place to live and learn, to make a living, and raise a family, start a business.  Let the essential independence of our people be a guiding force for our solutions.

Like families and businesses we must expect the unexpected on their behalf.  We are entrusted with the people’s earnings to ensure the financial security of institutions that serve millions.

With prudent budgets we have kept our promises and built a better tomorrow for the next generation.  This year we will continue to meet the challenges of immense growth with commitments to core priorities:

Connecting every corner of our state economy with dependable infrastructure.  Offering an exceptional education to young minds and securing their safety.

Controlling the cost of healthcare for young people and patients, families and seniors.  Balancing budgets, and making government services more efficient and reliable.

We all want to make North Carolina the very best place in the nation.

We share a love for the magnificence of our state and local communities, and this prosperous country.  Together we will find a balanced path of consensus to tackle tough problems.

Serious and bipartisan solutions are needed to confront difficult issues.  Our constituents are counting on us to find a fix.

Let’s search for the middle ground, instead of the high ground.  Bring coalitions together to achieve reform.

Negotiate in good faith for the good of our state.  Reach across the aisle to achieve change.

Endeavor for the truly possible, instead of the political.  And recognize our fellow citizens’ sincere commitment to the best interests of all North Carolinians.

Congratulations, members. Thank you for stepping forward to serve.

God Bless you and God Bless the great state of North Carolina.