Speaker’s Office Releases Updates on N.C. Legislature’s Response to COVID-19

Raleigh, N.C. – The Office of North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore released a memo Thursday detailing legislative leader’s communications with members and staff regarding the General Assembly’s response to ongoing developments related to COVID-19 in North Carolina.

Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) told members and staff in the state House of Representatives on Thursday that all House Oversight, Select, Standing, and Joint Committees would not meet until April 1, 2020, absent an essential purpose approved in advance by his office.

A joint memo released by leadership offices of the General Assembly and the Legislative Services Office further noticed that school group tours of legislative facilities would be discontinued until April 1, 2020, at the earliest.

The memo also afforded accommodations to all legislative employees who agree to appropriate arrangements with their supervisors to work remotely.

“Effective immediately, individual supervisors, including legislators, may work with their employees to allow teleworking or electronic commuting in a manner that provides for accountability and productivity – the people’s business must go on,” the joint memo released Thursday also said.

Speaker Moore released a statement Thursday:

“The General Assembly has full technological capability to continue operations remotely in accordance with advice of health experts who are encouraging employees in the Triangle region to work from home,” Speaker Moore said Thursday.   

“North Carolina is well-prepared financially to support all recommended prevention and relief efforts to keep our people safe from harm.  Lawmakers stand ready to approve robust policy and budgetary action to support frontline healthcare professionals as may become necessary.”