Speaker Moore Urged Governor to Call National Guard While Filming Raleigh Riots

Speaker Moore posts eyewitness video of rioters setting fires in downtown Raleigh, destroying property, discharging weapons on Saturday night
Raleigh, N.C. – North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) directly urged Governor Cooper to deploy the National Guard Saturday night while filming rioters set fires, break windows, and fire weapons in downtown Raleigh and posting eyewitness video to social media.

“I am witnessing utter lawlessness firsthand in downtown Raleigh,” Speaker Moore said in one of several videos taken from his residence in Raleigh Saturday night and posted to social media.
“The senseless destruction of businesses and property must be stopped at once. I am calling on Governor Cooper to immediately send in the National Guard. As I am posting this I literally am hearing semiautomatic gunfire, hearing glass windows being smashed and shouts from rioters. Unbelievable this has not been stopped.”
Speaker Moore also urged the Governor directly by text message Saturday night to deploy the National Guard to downtown Raleigh, while witnessing and filming rioters set fires and shatter windows of resident buildings and businesses.