Speaker Moore Leads Bipartisan Group of 15 N.C. Lawmakers Joining Flood Coalition

Lawmakers mark fourth anniversary of Hurricane Matthew’s landfall in North Carolina by joining nonpartisan flood alliance

Raleigh, N.C. – A bipartisan group of fifteen state lawmakers in the North Carolina House of Representatives, including Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland), announced their membership Thursday in an alliance supporting flood-affected communities across the U.S.

The American Flood Coalition (AFC) includes more than 200 members across 19 states who work together to advance proactive solutions to the challenges of frequent flooding.
“In three of the past five years, a major hurricane has hit North Carolina, causing record-level flooding and leaving a lasting, devastating impact on communities across the state,” the announcement sent by the AFC Thursday states.
Other members of the AFC include Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas and Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina.
The state General Assembly has spent well-over $1 billion from its rainy-day fund on hurricane relief since 2016, including hundreds of millions of dollars on the Disaster Recovery Acts of 2016 and 2017, a $793 million Florence recovery package in 2018, another $200 million in the Fall of 2019. and another $44 million for disaster relief in September 2020.
Speaker Tim Moore said North Carolina lawmakers are committed to keeping hurricane recovery and resiliency a priority issue in the General Assembly:
“Today marks a historic opportunity, four years after the landfall of Hurricane Matthew on our coast, to redouble North Carolina’s ongoing commitment to protecting vulnerable lives and infrastructure from severe flooding,” Speaker Moore said in the announcement.
“I appreciate this bipartisan group of House lawmakers joining together to maintain a strong recovery and strategic focus on storm resiliency, while giving voice to the concerns of their communities through the American Flood  Coalition.”  
Joining Speaker Tim Moore (R – District 111) are: Rep. Ted Davis, Jr. (R – District 19); Rep. Ed Goodwin (R – District 1); Rep. Charles Graham (D – District 47); Rep. Bobby Hanig (R – District 6); Rep. Chris Humphrey (R – District 12); Rep. Howard J. Hunter III (D – District 5);  Rep. Brenden H. Jones (R – District 46); Rep. Perrin Jones, MD (R – District 9); Rep. Marvin W. Lucas (D – District 42); Rep. Pat McElraft (R – District 13); Rep. William O. Richardson (D – District 44); Rep. Stephen M. Ross (R – District 63); Rep. John Szoka (R – District 45); and  Rep. Shelly Willingham (D – District 23).