Speaker Appoints Select Committee to Investigate GenX in Cape Fear River

Raleigh, N.C. – North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) announced appointments to the House Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality Thursday, forming a new panel to investigate the discharge of the chemical GenX into the Cape Fear River.   

“The House will reinforce its ongoing investigation into water quality and Cape Fear River contaminants to best address this issue of utmost importance to North Carolinians,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.

This select committee can move quickly to analyze the administration’s response, consider legislative recommendations and provide full transparency and accountability to citizens facing this crisis.”

The committee appointments are Rep. Ted Davis (Senior Chair), Rep. Holly Grange (Co-Chair), Rep. Frank Iler (Co-Chair), Rep. Chris Millis (Co-Chair), Rep. William Brisson, Rep. Jimmy Dixon, Rep. Kyle Hall, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Rep. Pat McElraft, Rep. Chuck McGrady, Rep. Bob Steinburg and Rep. Larry Yarborough.