Speaker Announces Interim Committee Appointments

Raleigh, N.C. – North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) has assigned oversight committee members and chairs for the legislative interim.

“Interim committees provide a crucial process for evaluating state government and developing solutions to the most pressing issues facing North Carolinians,” Moore said.

“I appreciate the willingness of our House members to continue serving the state and their constituents while the General Assembly is out of session.”

The interim committee appointments include:

Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee;  Floyd, Hardister, Goodman, Destin Hall, Duane Hall, Jackson, Jordan (Co-Chair), Stevens (Vice Chair)

Joint Legislative Committee on Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources;  Dixon (Co-Chair), K. Hall, Harrison (Advisory), McElraft (Co-Chair), McGrady, Riddell (Advisory), Ross, Shepard (Advisory), Steinburg (Vice Chair), Watford (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Capital Improvements;  Arp (Co-Chair), Bradford, Goodman, Hardister (Vice Chair) Jackson, Johnson, Jordan, Rogers

Joint Legislative Economic Development and Global Engagement Oversight Committee; J. Bell, Brody (Advisory), Conrad, Davis, Dobson (Advisory), Fraley, Goodman, Hanes, S. Martin (Co-Chair), R. Moore, Presnell (Advisory), Ross (Vice Chair), Turner

Joint Legislative Task Force on Education Finance Reform;  Blackwell, Corbin, Dixon (Advisory), Hardister, Horn (Co-Chair), Iler, Hunter, Johnson, Lambeth, Lucas

Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee;  Blackwell (Vice Chair), Conrad (Advisory), Elmore (Vice Chair), Fraley, Gill (Advisory), Grange, Horn (Co-Chair), Hunter, Hurley (Vice Chair), Johnson (Co-Chair), Bert Jones (Advisory), Lewis (Advisory), Lucas, Malone (Advisory), Pittman (Advisory), Bobbie Richardson, Shepard (Advisory), Steinburg (Advisory), Strickland (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Elections Oversight Committee;   Floyd, Duane Hall, Jackson, Bert Jones (Vice Chair), Lewis (Co-Chair), G. Martin (Advisory), S. Martin, Riddell (Vice Chair), Sauls, Szoka, Warren (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Emergency Management Oversight Committee;  John Bell, Boles (Vice Chair), Clampitt (Advisory) Faircloth (Co-Chair), Brenden Jones (Advisory) G. Martin, Pierce, Pittman (Advisory), Saine (Advisory), Speciale

Joint Legislative Energy Policy Commission;  Arp, Collins, Dixon (Advisory), Goodman, R. Moore (Advisory), Szoka (Co-Chair), Watford

Joint Legislative Environmental Review Commission;  Brisson, Davis (Advisory) Dixon (Co-Chair), Grange (Advisory), K. Hall, Harrison, Iler (Advisory), McElraft (Vice Chair), McGrady (Co-Chair), Steinburg, Yarborough

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on General Government;  Brody (Vice Chair), Cleveland (Co-Chair), Floyd (Vice Chair), Ford, Lewis (Advisory), Riddell (Co-Chair), Ross, Yarborough (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations;   Arp, J. Bell (Ex Officio), Bradford, Brisson, Conrad, Dollar, Floyd, Goodman, Hanes, Hardister, Hastings, Hurley, Jackson, Johnson, Lewis, McElraft, T. Moore (Co-Chair, Ex Officio), Presnell, Setzer, Steinburg, Stevens (Ex Officio), Szoka, Torbett, Wray

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services;  Adcock (Advisory), Brisson, Cunningham, Dobson (Co-Chair), Dollar, Earle, Farmer-Butterfield, Bert Jones, Lambeth (Co-Chair), Malone, Murphy, White

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology;  Arp, J. Bell, Corbin, Elmore, Fraley, Hanes, Henson, Saine (Co-Chair)

House Select Committee on Judicial Redistricting;  Blackwell, Brisson, Bumgardner, Burr (Chair), Blust (Vice Chair), Davis (Vice Chair), Dulin, Floyd, Goodman, Destin Hall, Hastings, Hardister, Harrison, Henson, Howard, Jackson, Jordan, John, Lewis, McNeill, R. Moore, Morey, Bobbie Richardson, Rogers, Setzer, Stevens (Vice Chair), Torbett, Wray, Zachary

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety; Boles (Co-Chair), Boswell (Advisory), Burr, Davis (Co-Chair), Faircloth, Floyd, Charles Graham, Hurley (Advisory), Jackson, Jordan (Advisory), McNeill, William Richardson (Advisory), Rogers, Speciale (Advisory), Stevens, Rena Turner, Zachary (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Committee on Local Government;  Adams, L. Bell, Blust (Advisory), Bradford (Co-Chair), Dobson (Advisory), Ford (Co-Chair), Potts (Advisory), Bobbie Richardson, Ross, Watford

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Medicaid and NC Health Choice;  Brisson, Dollar (Co-Chair), Dobson, Insko, Bert Jones, Lambeth (Co-Chair), Malone (Advisory), Murphy

Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee;  Carney, Davis, Dollar, Farmer-Butterfield, Horn (Co-Chair), Hurley, Lucas, Saine, R. Turner

Joint Legislative Study Commission on Efficiency and Cost-Savings in State Government; Arp, Fraley, Ross (Co-Chair), Sauls, Wray

Joint Select Committee on Judicial Funding; Blust, Davis (Chair), Jackson, Jordan, Stevens

Revenue Laws Study Committee; Alexander, Brawley (Co-Chair), Carney, Hardister (Advisory), Howard, Lewis (Advisory), S. Martin, Reives, Ross (Vice-Chair), Saine (Co-Chair), Setzer, Szoka

House Select Committee on River Quality;  Brisson, Davis (Senior Chair), Dixon, Grange (Co-Chair), K. Hall, Iler (Co-Chair), Harrison, McElraft, McGrady, Steinburg, Stone, Yarborough

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on the State Lottery;  J. Bell, Dollar, Hanes, Hardister, Hurley, Saine (Co-Chair), Sauls, Warren (Advisory)

Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee; Brawley, Bumgardner, Carney, Charles Graham, Hastings (Co-Chair), Iler (Co-Chair), G. Martin, R. Moore (Advisory), Presnell (Vice Chair), Shepard, Stone, Torbett (Co-Chair)

Joint Legislative Committee on Unemployment Insurance; Arp, Bumgardner, Brisson (Advisory), Howard (Co-Chair), Warren (Vice Chair)

Revenue Laws Study Committee;  Alexander, Brawley (Co-Chair), Carney, Hardister (Advisory), Howard, Lewis (Advisory), S. Martin, Reives, Ross (Vice-Chair), Saine (Co-Chair), Setzer, Szoka,