Speaker and Senate Leader Urge Gov. Cooper to Sign Bipartisan Budget

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House gave bipartisan support to final passage of the state budget  on Thursday, after Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) urged Gov. Roy Cooper to sign the budget and fulfill many of his own proposals including middle class tax relief, teacher raises and hurricane aid.

“When Republicans took over in 2011, the state had about $2 billion in debt.  Now, we’ve saved a record $1.8 billion in savings reserves.  That’s a $4 billion swing, from where we were.”

“We’ve made responsible fiscal decisions.  When naysayers said the sky would fall and revenues would drop, what happened?  We had budget surpluses.  Now, we have a budget that’s going to cut taxes again.”

“These tax cuts, they help everyone.  When we raise the standard deduction, we help those who are working and earning the least.”

“Gov. Cooper should sign this budget and fulfill his own promises to provide teacher pay raises, disaster aid and middle class tax relief to the people of North Carolina.”

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