Pro-Jobs Restaurant Reform Passes North Carolina House

Raleigh, N.C.  – A jobs bill allowing North Carolina restaurants to serve customers from outdoor grills passed the state House of Representatives on Thursday by a 113-0 vote.

Senate Bill 24 Allow Restaurants to Use Outdoor Grills is sponsored by Sen. Tom McInnis (R-Richmond), Sen. Jeff Tarte (R-Mecklenburg) and Sen. Jim Davis (R-Macon).  The bill continues Republicans’ commitment to pro-growth regulatory reforms that have obtained top-tier rankings for North Carolina’s economic climate and helped businesses create over 500,000 new jobs in the state since 2011.

“We made sure this commonsense reform for North Carolina restaurants was in place before Memorial Day,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.  “As a top-ten state for tourism, North Carolina attracts millions of visitors to our world-class beaches, cookouts and mountain towns to enjoy the great outdoors this time of year.”  

“Allowing restaurants to use outdoor grills gives thousands of small businesses flexibility to expand their services, lower overhead costs or open new establishments in North Carolina.  I appreciate the state senate sending us this pro-jobs bill that maintains our successful approach to improving North Carolina’s economy,” Moore continued.

“By listening to our constituents and improving their quality of life through private sector growth instead of government regulation, Republican reforms are getting government out of the way of business so North Carolina’s economy can thrive.”  

North Carolina Regulatory Reform Acts Since 2011

2013 HB 74 Regulatory Reform Act of 2013

2014 SB 734 Regulatory Reform Act of 2014

2015 HB 44 Local Government Regulatory Reform 2015

2015 HB 765 Regulatory Reform Act of 2015

2017 SB 131 Regulatory Reform Act of 2016-17