North Carolina Earns Top Spot in Business Climate Rankings

North Carolina has received the top spot in Site Selection’s 2021 Business Climate Rankings.
In the announcement, Site Selection identified several conservative policies, enacted by the Republican majority in our state, that contributed to North Carolina coming out on top. Some of those considerations included incentives, improved education, and limited regulations, as well as our state’s low corporate income tax rate, attracting businesses and creating major job growth.
“One of North Carolina’s competitive advantages for several years has been its 2.5% corporate tax rate — the lowest of the 44 states that levy such a tax. ” – Site Selection, 11/2/2021
NC House Speaker Tim Moore said, “It is no accident that North Carolina is being recognized again as the best state for businesses. Since Republicans took the majority in 2011, conservative policies have been enacted that have attracted an astonishing number of business to our state.”
He continued, “North Carolina is on the right track, and our conservative policies have created an exceptional business-friendly climate that will continue to be a haven for businesses looking to escape over regulation and higher costs elsewhere.”