North Carolina Teacher’s Income Rising Faster Than Any Other State

“North Carolina Teacher’s Income Rising Faster Than Any Other State” -Charlotte Stories,  January 2017

Under Republican leadership, North Carolina saw the single biggest improvement in teacher pay of any state in the country from 2013-2014, and the largest average gain in teacher pay over the same period according to data from the left-leaning National Education Association (NEA).

“State budget cuts income taxes, raises teacher and state worker salaries.” – WRAL, June 2016

North Carolina Republicans provided an average 4.7% teacher pay raise in the 2016 state budget.  

“Fact Check: Examining raises for North Carolina teachers.” – WNCN, September 2015

North Carolina Republicans raised starting teacher pay up to $35,000 in the 2015 state budget and provide a bonus to all teachers.

“North Carolina House and Senate agree on budget; 7% raise for teachers.” – Fox 50, July 2014

North Carolina Republicans provided a 7% pay raise to teachers in the 2014 state budget.