N.C. House Delays ABC Permit Fees for Small Businesses As Governor Keeps Them Closed

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House of Representatives acted to allow establishments that are currently shuttered because of the Governor’s executive orders to delay paying ABC permit renewal fees until 90 days after they’re allowed to operate.

A coalition of North Carolina bars sued the Governor over his orders keeping them closed despite allowing restaurants, breweries, wineries and other establishments that serve alcohol to reopen.

The General Assembly also passed legislation allowing bars to operate that was vetoed by the Governor, who continued to allow restaurants and comparable establishments to operate while keeping bars closed.
Senate Bill 226 Delay Certain ABC Permit Renewal Payments only applies to businesses that are forced to remain closed by the Governor’s Executive Order 141.
Businesses that have already paid the ABC permit fee may request a refund, but must repay the fee 90 days after they’re allowed to reopen.
The permits typically cost about $2,200.
“Business owners shouldn’t have to come out of pocket to pay fees to the same administration that is forcing them to remain closed – while allowing their competitors to operate – without justification,” Speaker Moore said.
“If the Governor insists on picking winners and losers in the service industry by devastating some businesses while allowing others to operate and recover, delaying these ABC permit fees is a critical step to help countless businesses avoid closing permanently.”