N.C. House Committee Chairs for 2021-2022 Session Announced on Opening Day of the Legislature

Raleigh, N.C. – Committee chairs for the 2021-2022 biennium of the North Carolina House of Representatives were appointed on Opening Day of the state General Assembly.

The appointments reflect a new structure for some standing committees in the state House of Representatives, including a return to multiple judiciary committees.
Speaker Moore released a statement:
“The North Carolina House is fortunate to return experienced leaders to many committees and add fresh vision to other key roles,” Speaker Moore said Wednesday.
“I have the highest confidence in my colleagues to work together tackling complex policy problems, passing historic reforms, and identifying solutions to the most pressing issues facing North Carolina.”
State House committee chairs announced today are as follows:
Rep. Dixon- Senior Chair
Rep. McNeely
Alcohol Beverage Control
Rep. Moffit
Rep. Lambeth, Senior Chair
Rep. Saine, Senior Chair
Rep. Arp, Senior Chair
Rep. Brisson
Rep. Bumgardner
Rep. Elmore
Rep. Faircloth
Rep. K. Hall
Rep. Strickland
Appropriations, AGNER
Rep. Dixon, Senior Chair
Rep. Goodwin
Rep. McElraft
Appropriations, Capital
Rep. Hastings
Appropriations, Education
Rep. Hardister
Rep. Torbett
Rep. Hurley
Appropriations, General Government
Rep. Cleveland
Rep. Riddell
Appropriations, HHS
Rep. Potts
Rep. Sasser
Rep. White
Rep. K. Baker
Appropriations, IT
Rep. Johnson
Appropriations, JPS
Rep. Boles, Senior Chair
Rep. McNeil
Rep. C. Smith
Appropriations, Transportation
Rep. Jones, Senior Chair
Rep. Iler
Rep. Shephard
Rep. Kidwell
Rep. Sauls
Education – Community Colleges
Rep. Hurley
Education – K12
Rep. Blackwell
Rep. Torbett
Education- Universities
Rep. Hardister
Elections Law and Campaign Finance
Rep. Mills
Energy and Public Utilities
Rep. Arp
Rep. Szoka
Rep. McElraft
Rep. Yarborough
Rep. Sauls
Rep. Wray
Families, Children, and Aging Policy
Rep. Carter
Rep. Hunter
Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs
Rep. Clampitt
Rep. Graham
Rep. Howard, Senior Chair
Rep. Setzer, Senior Chair
Rep. Szoka, Senior Chair
Rep. Bradford, Senior Chair
Rep. Kidwell
Rep. Wray
Rep. Lambeth
Rep. Potts
Rep. Sasser
Rep. White
Rep. K. Baker
Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs
Rep. Goodwin
Rep. Humphrey
Judiciary 1
Rep. Davis
Judiciary 2
Rep. Stevens
Rep. Richardson
Judiciary 3
Rep. Zachary
Rep. Rogers
Judiciary 4
Rep. Blackwell
Local Government; Land Use Planning and Development
Rep. Brody
Local Government
Rep. Hanig
Rep. Watford
Marine Resources and Aqua Culture
Rep. Hanig
Pensions and Retirement
Rep. McNeill
Rep. D. Hall
Regulatory Reform
Rep. Riddell
Rep. D. Hall
State Government
Rep. Torbett
State Personnel
Rep. Warren
Rep. B. Jones
Rep. Iler
Rep. Shepard
UNC BOG Nominations
Rep. Hastings
Wildlife Resources
Rep. Adams
Rep. Yarborough