House Votes Unanimously for Class Size Flexibility

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass House Bill 13 Class Size Requirement Changes on Thursday to provide local school districts the flexibility they requested for class size scheduling in kindergarten through the third grade.

Rep. Chuck McGrady was the lead sponsor of the bill and issued a statement:

“The North Carolina House will continue to work with our local school systems and education leaders to provide students the right tools and the best teachers they need to be successful in the classroom.  House Bill 13 is another step towards a new era for education in North Carolina where we pay our teachers more, offer education flexibility and invest in quality learning environments to give every kid their best chance to excel.”  

Representative Chris Malone, a former Wake County School Board member, was also a primary sponsor of the bill:

“As a former Wake County School Board member, I’m proud to be a primary sponsor of this bill, knowing it will help local school boards do what is best for the children in our schools.” He added, “We hope the Senate takes quick action and passes this piece of legislation in order to allow school districts the flexibility they need to best help their students.”