House Speaker Tim Moore Reacts to Events Unfolding in Afghanistan

Today North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore reacted to the events unfolding in Afghanistan as the Taliban takes over the government in Kabul. So far, 3,000 troops have deployed from Ft. Bragg to extract Americans from the region.
Speaker Moore said, “President Biden’s failure to swiftly and safely evacuate all Americans, including our wartime combat interpreters, from Kabul is an affront to the brave men and women, Afghan nationals, who were embedded with American troops and promised special immigrant visas upon their faithful service to America. They’re now facing beating, slaughter, and execution of their loved ones. North Carolina stands ready to welcome these heroes, who are some of our bravest, but most unrecognized heroes.”
“President Biden must not abandon our wartime allies. At least 84 North Carolinians lost their lives in Afghanistan and 2,000 more have lost their lives to injuries and mental health since their return. Our North Carolina servicemen and women deserve nothing less than our full and unfettered support as the Taliban return to power and resume their reign of terror over the Afghan people.”