Historic Tax Relief and Investments Pass House 82-34 in Bipartisan Budget

Raleigh, N.C. – The North Carolina House of Representatives voted 82-34 to support historic tax relief and state government investments on Thursday, approving a bipartisan 2017 budget that proposes record savings in the state’s rainy day reserves, a fourth consecutive year of teacher pay raises and an increased zero-tax bracket three times higher than last decade. 

“The 2017 House budget provides more income tax relief for North Carolina families, seeks a top-quality return on investment for their hard-earned dollars and saves for the future while making strategic investments in North Carolina’s rapidly growing population,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.

“By tripling the standard deduction for working families since 2011, the House Republican budget helps those who earn the least, the most, while maintaining a successful approach to investing that has led to rapid job creation, substantial surpluses and billions of dollars in rainy day reserves that will protect North Carolinians in the years ahead.”


“We are now a dynamic state, a state that competes in a global marketplace,” said Senior Appropriations Chairman Nelson Dollar (R-Wake) in committee on Wednesday.

“I believe that this budget, on behalf of this House, furthers that competition to put our people in the best position globally to realize their dreams and be able to seize their opportunities and continue the wonderful quality of life that we enjoy and cherish here in North Carolina.”

“There are differences between the (House and Senate) finance packages, but I assure you that the goal of both finance packages is exactly the same; to continue the good work that we have accomplished since 2011; to continue to be respectful of taxpayers’ dollars, to continue to modernize our tax code and to make North Carolina the best economically performing state in the union.”             

-House Finance Chairman John Szoka (R-Cumberland)

“As North Carolina families and businesses know, there’s a stark difference between wasteful spending and smart investing of their hard-earned money,” said House Speaker Tim Moore.  “The Republican-led House of Representatives has produced a far better return on investment with our budget strategy this decade compared to the failed policies of last decade.”