Governor Vetoes 4th of July Celebration Bill After Allowing Mass Gatherings for a Month

Raleigh, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper vetoed legislation this week allowing Fourth of July celebrations, despite consistently allowing mass gatherings across North Carolina for the past month.

House Bill 686 Freedom to Celebrate the Fourth of July would allow Fourth of July celebrations, parades, and regulated firework displays in North Carolina.
Governor Cooper has allowed mass gatherings across the state, but vetoed legislation to allow citizens to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Remarkably, his decision comes just weeks after he actively participated in such mass gatherings.
North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore released the following statement in response to Governor Cooper’s veto of House Bill 686:
“Governor Cooper is wrong to refuse patriotic North Carolinians the right to celebrate the Fourth of July after permitting and implicitly condoning mass gatherings, rioting and the destruction of property and citizens’ livelihoods for a month across North Carolina,” Speaker Moore said.