A New Era for Education

Since Speaker Tim Moore took office in 2015, the North Carolina House of Representatives has passed historic education reforms and investments to improve the state’s school systems.

Both the 2015 and 2016 state budgets passed during Speaker Moore’s tenure have raised teacher pay in North Carolina.  At long-last, starting teacher pay was increased to $35,000 and average teacher pay to $50,000 thanks to Speaker Moore’s commitment to increasing compensation for educators.

Speaker Moore’s education priority is to equip North Carolina students with the tools to be successful and ensure they are career or college-ready after graduating high school.  Both the 2015 and 2016 state budgets invested millions more into education spending.

Many of North Carolina’s school systems are experiencing rapid enrollment growth as the state continues to create jobs and attract new residents. Speaker Moore is committed to providing state Superintendent Mark Johnson and local superintendents with the funds they need to provide an outstanding education to students across North Carolina.

North Carolina has developed a dynamic education system under Speaker Tim Moore, expanding options for parents through significant charter school enrollment growth, more Opportunity Scholarships for low-income students and pilot-programs like Achievement School Districts to improve low-performing schools.

Speaker Tim Moore believes investment, innovation and meaningful reform are all critical to building the best school systems for our students.  His leadership in the House of Representatives has begun a new era for education in North Carolina.