Education Accomplishments Take Center Stage in Shelby Star

Raleigh, N.C.  – North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) published an editorial in the Shelby Star this week praising performance-driven education accomplishments by the state General Assembly that improve classroom learning opportunities for students and families. 

Writing to constituents in his home county’s largest newspaper, Speaker Moore notes the North Carolina legislature is implementing an innovative vision of higher achievement and a path to success for all students by:

  • Raising teacher and principal pay
  • Expanding education options to all families
  • Lowering class sizes
  • Passing the Read to Achieve policy
  • Increasing investments in better budgets
  • Creating an Innovative School District

Speaker Moore identifies the six specific reforms as the core of the North Carolina General Assembly’s active commitment to modernize the state’s education systems, prioritize performance and help students compete for academic success.

By committing to policies that have a positive impact for families, Speaker Moore writes, the state House of Representatives is fulfilling its promise of real education reform for the benefit of generations of young North Carolinians.

Read the editorial here.