Court Rules N.C. Governor’s Bowling Alley Closures Are Unconstitutional

Governor’s inconsistent business closures found to violate “fruits of labor” and “equal protection” clauses in state constitution
Raleigh, N.C. – A North Carolina court has ordered Governor Cooper to allow bowling alleys to operate “so long as other similarly situated businesses are allowed to remain open.”

Like gym and bar owners, North Carolina families who operate bowling alleys have taken to the court system to fight for their constitutional right to conduct business alongside competing industries who are allowed to operate.
The North Carolina General Assembly has passed legislation to allow gyms, bars, bowling alleys, and other businesses to operate alongside their competitors, but those measures were repeatedly vetoed by the Governor.
State House Speaker Tim Moore released a statement:
“This court decision reflects the difficult reality that the Governor has chosen winners and losers in North Carolina’s economy without any justification or consistency, devastating some family businesses while helping others,” Speaker Moore said.
“The Governor’s inconsistent approach to closing businesses has been unfair, inequitable, and thus illegal from the start.  I continue to urge the Governor to produce a plan for all North Carolina companies, to communicate that plan, and to help businesses comply with consistent protocols so they may operate safely.”